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A few days ago, Joshua's boss had rung him up and told him that one of his fellow Regents had died in a boating accident, and everyone was going to New Hampshire for the funeral. Halfway there on the plane, Artie (seated beside him because he refused to upgrade to first class, and Joshua was the one who bought the tickets) started chattering about the case he had sent Claudia on, and his intention of going to check up on her after the funeral.

"Bad idea, Artie." Joshua shook his head. "She doesn't take that shit well."

"Oh, she'll be fine. I just want to see how she's doing."

"Bad idea theater. Honestly."

With another shake of his head, Joshua fell silent again and the rest of the flight was uneventful. At the airport, they met up with his boss and Jane. Artie wandered off to rent a car mumbling something about driving to Boston. After even more admonitions about how bad of an idea driving in Boston would be, the Regent trio shook their heads and drove off to the service.

Joshua was quiet during the entire thing, which seemed so out of place, all of the loud and emotional prayers, all of the gospel singing, and the tributes to the dead woman that made Jane roll her eyes and mutter things under her breath that Joshua never really caught.

Eventually, the service was over, and they proceeded to the cemetery. Everything was fine until the minister started talking about ashes and dust, and something caught in Joshua's throat. Closing his eyes, he quietly backed up and walked away from the group at the grave.

A moment to himself would be enough. He just needed a moment. Really.
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To: headregent@warehouse.13; jane.lattimer@warehouse.13
BCC: claudiometer@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: Why do we even have that lever?

Hey guys,

Just a random question: Why is there a lock on the debronze function but not the bronzing function? Wouldn't it be just as bad to 'accidentally' bronze someone and then not be able to get them back until you track someone down? (Someone who is not me, it would seem. I don't have access to the bronzer at all, even with my admin password.)

Can I request we put a lock on the bronzing function? If I can't destroy the thing with Mjolnir, can I at least get that? Please?


P.S. I'm back. Mostly.
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To: headregent@warehouse.13; jane.lattimer@warehouse.13; caretaker@warehouse.13
BCC: claudiopolis@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: Case Reports

Hey everyone,

Steve's settling in pretty well, as well as Myka settling back in.

Personal problems, and by that I mean my ongoing friction with Artie are... on their way to working themselves out, and Helena's going to be back and much more relaxed by the weekend.

I've attached my report for the guitar case, as well as my comments on the guitar itself. I think either Pete or Steve are doing a report on the case in Denver. I haven't really looked into the Folio Artifact yet, that'll come later.

Also, I'm taking myself a bit off the grid for a few days, possibly a week. I've kinda had it after the past month. I'll still have phone/Farnsworth if you need me, though.

Just... try not to?


Attachments: Hendrixguitarreport.doc, hendrixguitar.pdf, firenozzle.pdf
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Joshua pulled into Featherhead about an hour later than expected, running up the stairs, and into a room occupied by two other people.

"Sorry I'm late, guys. Got out of Minneapolis late, and everything spiralled from there."
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To: headregent@warehouse.13; jane.lattimer@warehouse.13
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13
Subject: Agent Search, first failure.


So, Theodora was hella wrong. This guy's a misogynist asshat, frankly. I'm about to report him to the Border Patrol myself for offering sex instead of being arrested.

I did a bit of digging, and found out that most of the people he brings in are guys. Probably because he fucks the girls and lets them go. Not someone that we really want anywhere near the Warehouse. Helena and Claud would kick his ass, not to mention Myka when/if she returns.

I'm heading to Jersey with Claud and Pete tomorrow. We're doing a swap of something that might spew lightning. Hopefully someone calls the ATF.

Crossing my fingers,
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Joshua has been a huge ball of stress lately. He's been going back and forth from his lab to Milliways, to a few meetings, and back to bed, only to flop down and not really talk to much of anyone.

Today, however, most people are out, and he's on the couch with a mystery book and a cup of tea.

It's been a long month or so.
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To: headregent@warehouse.13; jane.lattimer@warehouse.13; caretaker@warehouse.13
BCC: claudiopolis@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: Case Report: Scappi's Cooking Pot

Hey everyone,

So, Claud says Agents write reports about cases, and I figured that since this one was my first field work (Explained in the report), I'd take this off her hands and do it myself.

Probably not best to send this one to Theodora (even though I really don't think she gives any of the shits about case reports.) but I think the four of us are the ones who read the case reports anyway. If I missed anyone, send it on. Then again, it is boring as all shit.

I've also attached my Artifact report on the pot, in case anyone cares.


Attachments: Scappi Pot Case Report.doc, Scappipot.pdf
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Joshua has realized two things over the past half-week. First, he loves his new job more than anything ever. He can do all of the science he wants, or he can just sit in the office and watch other people do what they're doing while poking on the internet.

Second, he needs a damn car. The rental's fine for now, but he'd checked the other day, and he'd only officially rented it for two weeks. That goes on a to-do list for the weekend.

This day, however, he's locked himself in his lab to finish setting it up and take stock of what he's going to need to get or order.
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From: jane.lattimer@warehouse.13
To: shinyteleportation@gmail.com

Subject: Meeting recap


It was good to meet you on Saturday at the meeting. I think the entire organization will benefit because you're here.

A couple things. I've attached Theodora's meeting notes. I thought you'd find them hilarious. (I know I did.) Also, you have an e-mail now: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13 Password's Rheticus. No, I didn't set it up. Yes, as your sister would likely say, he is that much of a troll. Oddly, someone's set it up so we can get to it through Gmail. Mr. Kosan and I are really the only people who use these e-mails, but they are very secure. I'm just waiting for your sister to find them.

All that aside, I hope your moving goes well, and I'll stop by sometime next week to check up on you.

Eat some salads, young man.


P.S. Shiny teleportation, really?

Attachment: MeetingMinutesJune14.doc


To: claudiopolis@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: trolollol

Hey, little sister,

Yes, most of this is just trolling you, however, can you send me the actual address of the B&B? Filling out customs forms to ship my shit, and they won't take 'Stokes county' as an address to ship to. I can't seem to make them realize that I really am going to that much of nowhere.

See you soon, bratfink.



To: helena.wells@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: Hey

Hey, you.

Just sending some e-mail before going to work, and checking in. How'd you sleep last night? Claud got you a Skype, right? If not, Farnsworth me if you need to talk. We can either talk on that or I can talk you through Skype. Whichever.

I miss you. Is that normal? Hell, why am I asking you what's normal. I don't think it's something either of us do.

I love you,
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Travelling is hell, especially when you're half-moving anyway. Joshua had decided that he was going to take some books and the Artifact to the B&B, to just have a few less things things to take when he actually moved a week later.

Flights were late, Customs was eying Joshua's papers like they were in Greek, and the closer they got to South Dakota, the more unsettled Helena was. So, when they got to the airport finally, Joshua decided to fuck it, and get the flashiest car that the Hertz place rented: a red convertible something-or-other that suited Joshua's mood just fine. However, to his vast embarrassment, he'd almost forgotten how to drive in the fifteen years that he didn't actually need to. He was able to get the car in gear and going, with a minimum of offers to drive from his Victorian now-girlfriend.

Driving into the address that he'd been e-mailed a couple days ago (how they got his e-mail, he wasn't actually going to ask at this point), he parked (very poorly) and looked around, wondering where the shit everyone else parked, as the lot was mostly empty.


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