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December is damn cold in the badlands. Good thing the B&B has a good heater. Due to the cold and Joshua's typical inclinations, he has been getting up a bit earlier than usual to make breakfast for Morning Meetings, which he's been running more often than not because Artie just doesn't want to leave the Warehouse in the cold. (Not that Joshua blames him in the slightest).

So this particular morning, Pete and Myka were already on a case from yesterday involving rather frightning office supplies, so Joshua was making tea instead of the usual coffee, and much less bacon.

It still smells damn good, though.
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Joshua had been putting this off for a couple weeks, avoiding all of the publicity that kept trying to find him, even down to his YouTube views exploding, even on the stupidest little videos. (A video about playing moving Tetris? Really?) However, before the meeting, he finally had a moment to catch his boss in his office.

As he walked down the hall, Joshua took in the somewhat imposing office wing. It was strange, having these offices, as he knew damn well that very few people actually used them. He had one, a space that he's almost certain was bigger than a couple apartments he lived in, but at the moment, it was pretty bare, other than a couple photos (one of Claudia, one of Helena), a computer, a coffee pot, and a mug. His boss' office was at the end of the hall, opening up on most of the front of the office building. The last door on the right was his office, and the one across the hall he was pretty sure was Jane's.

On the ebony double doors at the end of the hall were two symbols, an obvious eye of Horus on the right door, but on the left was a star-like symbol that Joshua couldn't place. He knocked on the door, a bit timidly.

"You are allowed to just come in, Joshua." His boss called out from behind the door.

Opening the door, and going in, Joshua shook his head. "How did you know it was me?"

"You are the only person who would bother showing up and knocking."

Shaking his head, Joshua went into the office. "So, I, er... I sort of got offered the Nobel Prize."

"Congratulations." His boss stood up and walked over, taking Joshua's hand and shaking it firmly. "You deserve to be recognized for your work, as this is likely the last time it could happen."

"Yeah, but..." Joshua just stared at him. "Regent shit. And I can't be recognized, and stuff."

His boss shook his head. "Honestly, Joshua, we just have to not be known for Warehouse business. I hear you're quite the thing on YouTube."

Joshua bit his lip, staring down at his shoes. "So, you're not giving me a reason to back out?"

"Quite the contrary. I think you should take it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime honour that you have certainly earned."

"I don't really feel like I've earned shitall. Half-research here, someone else's data there. It's not mine."

"Yes, but you're missing the point." His boss stood there, almost military-straight, looking him in the eyes. "Most people who make discoveries do it by observing how the world works. That is what you did, both in your teleportation research and your latest research. It's what you're doing with Artifacts, Joshua. You deserve that recognition."

There was something in his boss's earnest expression that cut off all of Joshua's comments on the matter. He just nodded, sighing deeply. "I guess I need to get a tux, then."

"That you do, Joshua. Now, shall we go to the meeting?"

The meeting went off without much of a hitch. Theodora made her opinions of Joshua running the last meeting known, but both his boss and Jane seemed to take that under advisment, which Joshua was pretty damn sure meant they ignored her totally.

After the meeting, everyone just nodded at him and went on their way. Joshua got into his car, thoughtful, and prodded at his phone, to see where the hell one would get a tux in Featherhead. The answer? Nowhere.
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"Hey, Joshua? You've got mail."

Leena's voice cut through Joshua's midday perusal of case files.

"Come on in, Leena." Once she got in, Joshua waved at the table next to his desk. "Dump the mail over there. I'll get to it at some point." Nodding, Leena dropped the mail on the table, and chatted with him for a while.

After Leena left, he went back to the case files he was reading. Lunchtime came and went, and so did a couple hours of science, some inventory to break up the day, and finally, around six, he remembered the mail.

A couple people wanted to give him a credit card (why would he want another credit card considering he currently had one with no limit?), someone wanting him to change his cable service (which he was pretty sure he never had in the first place.)

As he was about to open the last letter, which he was pretty damn sure was yet another bit of junk mail, his phone rang. Absentmindedly, he answered.


"Is this Dr. Joshua Donovan?"

"Depends on who you are, but yeah, this is Joshua."

"I'm calling from the Nobel Media Foundation in Stockholm where it was just announced that you won the Nobel Prize in Physics."

"I what the fuck now? You have to be kidding me."

"Not at all, Dr. Donovan. Did you not know you were a candidate?"

"Uh. No. I might have lost that memo in a move I made not long ago. Shit, I just googled myself and it's true. Er."

"Can I ask you a couple questions about your work in antimatter?"

"Uhm... sure."

Ten minutes later, as he hung up the phone and stared at the wall of his lab, he had no clue what to do.


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