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Name:Joshua Donovan
Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:Univille, South Dakota, United States of America

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Joshua Donovan is from the Syfy show Warehouse 13 and belongs to his writers (and possibly his sister) and not to me. I'm neither Joshua nor Tyler Hynes. Absolutely no profit is being made off of this. If there was some way to make profit, Artie would come confiscate my computer.

He is about six feet tall, short messy brown hair, brown eyes, and of moderate build. Generally, he wears long-sleeved shirts with or without a tie. He's usually smiling, but many times, just looks a bit confused.

In Milliways, he has a T-minus, troll tag repositoryProtector, with the hex colour of 90974A. The Tumblr username in this profile is an IC tumblr for Joshua. Feel free to use and abuse the ask.
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