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Even though Agent Donovan and Agent Lattimer were hoping for a fairly simple swap of the Artifact for a replica, I have to admit that I was hoping for something much more colorful which did end up happening.

When we got to the museum, we found that we weren't the first ones there. One of the museum's employees, in order to impress someone, played the guitar, which set off its electrical properties. Someone had already called various agencies, so the area was crawling with law enforcement. Agent Donovan and I went in, but I had Agent Lattimer catch the eye of one of the ATF agents (now Warehouse Agent Jinks) and draw him inside.

Agent Donovan used her new Tesla Grenade on the bomb squad to much benefit, and Agent Lattimer used the Equitable Life Building Fire Nozzle to put out a secondary fire that threatened a civilian.

Agent Jinks appeared, questioned Agent Donovan and I, and proved to be quite excellent in the face of all of our typical weird. After calling Agent Donovan on a cover story, he allowed us to make the swap.

At the end, the civilian was saved, the guitar is securely swapped, and Agent Jinks is a great asset to the Warehouse.
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Unlike many of the pings that we find, this pot was discovered because I was watching a cooking show on the internet. I noticed that one of the cooks was not following proper cooking procedures, however, the judges were enjoying his food anyway. As I know more about cooking than Agent Wells (the only agent available other than Agent Donovan) I went along with her to see what was going on.

Agent Donovan and I went to a taping of the show, ascertained that the pot was in fact an Artifact (using a ball I have aquired that reacts when Artifacts are in the room), and snagged it by taking the pot when no one was looking.

Yes, it really was that simple and uninteresting. Too bad everything's not like this.


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