Sep. 18th, 2013

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Even though Agent Donovan and Agent Lattimer were hoping for a fairly simple swap of the Artifact for a replica, I have to admit that I was hoping for something much more colorful which did end up happening.

When we got to the museum, we found that we weren't the first ones there. One of the museum's employees, in order to impress someone, played the guitar, which set off its electrical properties. Someone had already called various agencies, so the area was crawling with law enforcement. Agent Donovan and I went in, but I had Agent Lattimer catch the eye of one of the ATF agents (now Warehouse Agent Jinks) and draw him inside.

Agent Donovan used her new Tesla Grenade on the bomb squad to much benefit, and Agent Lattimer used the Equitable Life Building Fire Nozzle to put out a secondary fire that threatened a civilian.

Agent Jinks appeared, questioned Agent Donovan and I, and proved to be quite excellent in the face of all of our typical weird. After calling Agent Donovan on a cover story, he allowed us to make the swap.

At the end, the civilian was saved, the guitar is securely swapped, and Agent Jinks is a great asset to the Warehouse.
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Artifact: Equitable Life Building Fire Nozzle

Donovan Classification: DC2

Physical Description: A nozzle for the end of a fire hose.

Effects: When water is sent through the nozzle, it turns into ice.

Date of Snag: Exact Date Unknown, but sometime in the 1940s. Likely post-war.

Agents in Charge: Agent Buck Mendell

Additional Comments: Used in an Artifact snag in 2012 by Agent Pete Lattimer
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To: headregent@warehouse.13; jane.lattimer@warehouse.13; caretaker@warehouse.13
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: Case Reports

Hey everyone,

Steve's settling in pretty well, as well as Myka settling back in.

Personal problems, and by that I mean my ongoing friction with Artie are... on their way to working themselves out, and Helena's going to be back and much more relaxed by the weekend.

I've attached my report for the guitar case, as well as my comments on the guitar itself. I think either Pete or Steve are doing a report on the case in Denver. I haven't really looked into the Folio Artifact yet, that'll come later.

Also, I'm taking myself a bit off the grid for a few days, possibly a week. I've kinda had it after the past month. I'll still have phone/Farnsworth if you need me, though.

Just... try not to?


Attachments: Hendrixguitarreport.doc, hendrixguitar.pdf, firenozzle.pdf
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The past couple weeks had been pretty close to hell. Too many meetings, too much going on, too much to process.

Once he'd fired off an e-mail to the relevant people, he impulsively bought a ticket to Boston for the next morning. He announced his departure at dinner, which was met mostly with shrugs, and an expression from Myka that he just couldn't completely place.

The next morning, after leaving a note under his sister's door (Love you, call me if you need me.) he drove to the airport, and was fairly quickly settled on his first leg, to Minneapolis. As the plane took off, mostly empty, he stared out the window, watching the clouds wander by. His mind wandered back to the previous weekend.

He'd gone out to Denver, pretty much on a moment's notice to be there when Mrs. Frederick talked to Myka. Once he'd met Mrs. F at a hotel, she took his hand, startling him, and before he could really say anything, they were in Myka's parents' bookstore.

Joshua sat in his seat on the plane, grinning like a lunatic to himself. He knew it now. It was so simple now that he realized exactly what he did. No messing about with compasses or interdimensional spaces. He knew how to teleport. Sure, if someone asked how he did it, he wasn't so certain that he could tell them how it worked, but he knew. It was like riding a bike or reading a book. The knowledge of how to do it was there, and it was solid.

He sobered a bit as he remembered his conversation with Myka. She was uncertain, she was so worried that she was going to wreck everything, but she missed the Warehouse. Frankly, Joshua didn't think he did much at all to get her to come back. She was ready, she knew on her own, she just needed the knowledge that she could come back.

Now that she was back, however, even though Helena hadn't come back from her travels yet, everything just seemed so much more settled. Artie wasn't fussing as much as usual, Pete was back to his cheerful joking, and even the new guy seemed to be settling in.

Sure, things were still a bit unsettled, but the hole was gone. The family was fixing itself, and Joshua for his part was damn glad.

He eventually drifted off to sleep, only to wake up, switch planes, and drift off again on the way to Boston. When he finally got off the plane at Logan Airport, a huge grin was securely on his face, and he shouldered his bag with a bit of a laugh. Maybe this job wasn't as bad as he'd originally thought.


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