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Joshua has taken over the table in the sunroom with a notebook and his laptop. On his laptop are a couple tabs' worth of recipe sites. Looks like he's trying to nail down a Thanksgiving dinner.
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Welcome to Leena's Bed and Breakfast. It's a homey-looking place with a well-loved lived-in feel. Once you come in the front door, you're faced with a hallway. To the left is a large living room, with a sunroom off of the side, and a dining room off of the back. Straight ahead is a kitchen, with a private wing behind it and a bathroom. To the right is a stairway upstairs with a ribbon tied across the banister. Go under the ribbon to your own peril.

Joshua, Helena, and Claudia are milling around.

Have fun, and please don't trash anything too badly!
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The past couple weeks had been pretty close to hell. Too many meetings, too much going on, too much to process.

Once he'd fired off an e-mail to the relevant people, he impulsively bought a ticket to Boston for the next morning. He announced his departure at dinner, which was met mostly with shrugs, and an expression from Myka that he just couldn't completely place.

The next morning, after leaving a note under his sister's door (Love you, call me if you need me.) he drove to the airport, and was fairly quickly settled on his first leg, to Minneapolis. As the plane took off, mostly empty, he stared out the window, watching the clouds wander by. His mind wandered back to the previous weekend.

He'd gone out to Denver, pretty much on a moment's notice to be there when Mrs. Frederick talked to Myka. Once he'd met Mrs. F at a hotel, she took his hand, startling him, and before he could really say anything, they were in Myka's parents' bookstore.

Joshua sat in his seat on the plane, grinning like a lunatic to himself. He knew it now. It was so simple now that he realized exactly what he did. No messing about with compasses or interdimensional spaces. He knew how to teleport. Sure, if someone asked how he did it, he wasn't so certain that he could tell them how it worked, but he knew. It was like riding a bike or reading a book. The knowledge of how to do it was there, and it was solid.

He sobered a bit as he remembered his conversation with Myka. She was uncertain, she was so worried that she was going to wreck everything, but she missed the Warehouse. Frankly, Joshua didn't think he did much at all to get her to come back. She was ready, she knew on her own, she just needed the knowledge that she could come back.

Now that she was back, however, even though Helena hadn't come back from her travels yet, everything just seemed so much more settled. Artie wasn't fussing as much as usual, Pete was back to his cheerful joking, and even the new guy seemed to be settling in.

Sure, things were still a bit unsettled, but the hole was gone. The family was fixing itself, and Joshua for his part was damn glad.

He eventually drifted off to sleep, only to wake up, switch planes, and drift off again on the way to Boston. When he finally got off the plane at Logan Airport, a huge grin was securely on his face, and he shouldered his bag with a bit of a laugh. Maybe this job wasn't as bad as he'd originally thought.
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Things are actually wonderfully, completely settling out. Thank everything.

Steve's settling in quite well, if a bit over-questioning of Artie sometimes, Myka's back, much to everyone's relief, Helena is much more relaxed, and Joshua is taking a couple days to just freaking do nothing.

Thus, he has installed himself on a couch in the living room, much to Leena's chagrin with his 3Ds, a 2-litre of pop and a bag of potato chips. Watch out, Joshua, you're going to turn into Pete before long.


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