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December is damn cold in the badlands. Good thing the B&B has a good heater. Due to the cold and Joshua's typical inclinations, he has been getting up a bit earlier than usual to make breakfast for Morning Meetings, which he's been running more often than not because Artie just doesn't want to leave the Warehouse in the cold. (Not that Joshua blames him in the slightest).

So this particular morning, Pete and Myka were already on a case from yesterday involving rather frightning office supplies, so Joshua was making tea instead of the usual coffee, and much less bacon.

It still smells damn good, though.
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Joshua has taken over the table in the sunroom with a notebook and his laptop. On his laptop are a couple tabs' worth of recipe sites. Looks like he's trying to nail down a Thanksgiving dinner.
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Welcome to Leena's Bed and Breakfast. It's a homey-looking place with a well-loved lived-in feel. Once you come in the front door, you're faced with a hallway. To the left is a large living room, with a sunroom off of the side, and a dining room off of the back. Straight ahead is a kitchen, with a private wing behind it and a bathroom. To the right is a stairway upstairs with a ribbon tied across the banister. Go under the ribbon to your own peril.

Joshua, Helena, and Claudia are milling around.

Have fun, and please don't trash anything too badly!
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It had been a long weekend, but somehow he'd found it cathartic. So once he got home, he grabbed a quick sandwich (stealing the last of the cheese which he was certain he'd hear about the next morning) and snuck upstairs. Putting his suitcase beside the door, he stripped into just his boxers and climbed into bed beside Helena.
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Things are actually wonderfully, completely settling out. Thank everything.

Steve's settling in quite well, if a bit over-questioning of Artie sometimes, Myka's back, much to everyone's relief, Helena is much more relaxed, and Joshua is taking a couple days to just freaking do nothing.

Thus, he has installed himself on a couch in the living room, much to Leena's chagrin with his 3Ds, a 2-litre of pop and a bag of potato chips. Watch out, Joshua, you're going to turn into Pete before long.
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Joshua has been a huge ball of stress lately. He's been going back and forth from his lab to Milliways, to a few meetings, and back to bed, only to flop down and not really talk to much of anyone.

Today, however, most people are out, and he's on the couch with a mystery book and a cup of tea.

It's been a long month or so.


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