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There's a Christmas tree in Joshua's lab with multi-colored lights, and a few strings of tinsel literally thrown on it.

On the top is a shining static ball that Joshua's talking to.

"Oh, so you decided to knock off my star and become a star yourself?"


"If you say so. Good thing I like you so much."

Bee eeeeee!
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December is damn cold in the badlands. Good thing the B&B has a good heater. Due to the cold and Joshua's typical inclinations, he has been getting up a bit earlier than usual to make breakfast for Morning Meetings, which he's been running more often than not because Artie just doesn't want to leave the Warehouse in the cold. (Not that Joshua blames him in the slightest).

So this particular morning, Pete and Myka were already on a case from yesterday involving rather frightning office supplies, so Joshua was making tea instead of the usual coffee, and much less bacon.

It still smells damn good, though.
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It was a long night, but an amazing one. In an effort to spend more time with Helena, instead of just talking about it, Joshua took her out to a new restaurant in Featherhead, and then to a movie, and by the time they got home, it was late.

Flopping into bed, Joshua heard the usual chaos of about eleven PM at the B&B. Guess it's just a normal night.
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Welcome to Leena's Bed and Breakfast. It's a homey-looking place with a well-loved lived-in feel. Once you come in the front door, you're faced with a hallway. To the left is a large living room, with a sunroom off of the side, and a dining room off of the back. Straight ahead is a kitchen, with a private wing behind it and a bathroom. To the right is a stairway upstairs with a ribbon tied across the banister. Go under the ribbon to your own peril.

Joshua, Helena, and Claudia are milling around.

Have fun, and please don't trash anything too badly!
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It had been a long weekend, but somehow he'd found it cathartic. So once he got home, he grabbed a quick sandwich (stealing the last of the cheese which he was certain he'd hear about the next morning) and snuck upstairs. Putting his suitcase beside the door, he stripped into just his boxers and climbed into bed beside Helena.
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Joshua had just gotten off of the airplane at San Francisco's airport, and grabbed his bag. After getting out of the crowd and off to one side, he pulled out his Farnsworth and buzzed Helena.
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Joshua pulled into Featherhead about an hour later than expected, running up the stairs, and into a room occupied by two other people.

"Sorry I'm late, guys. Got out of Minneapolis late, and everything spiralled from there."
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It's a fairly boring day in the Warehouse. Joshua is on his laptop working on some paperwork, and Helena is finishing up a couple case reports at a table.

It's probably just about time for something to happen.
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Looking back, Joshua realizes as he pulls into the B&B, he should have realized that he could have just gone through the bar for this move instead of travelling for the better part of a day. Hindsight is 20/20, though, and he's finally here now.

He leaves pretty much everything in the car, locks it (force of habit) and goes upstairs. Faced with a hallway of doors, he prays to whomever is listening that he remembers which door leads to which room. He doesn't really like the thought of waking up next to Pete, or worse, his sister.

Counting down the hall, he opens a door, and to his vast relief, walks into Helena's room.
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From: jane.lattimer@warehouse.13
To: shinyteleportation@gmail.com

Subject: Meeting recap


It was good to meet you on Saturday at the meeting. I think the entire organization will benefit because you're here.

A couple things. I've attached Theodora's meeting notes. I thought you'd find them hilarious. (I know I did.) Also, you have an e-mail now: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13 Password's Rheticus. No, I didn't set it up. Yes, as your sister would likely say, he is that much of a troll. Oddly, someone's set it up so we can get to it through Gmail. Mr. Kosan and I are really the only people who use these e-mails, but they are very secure. I'm just waiting for your sister to find them.

All that aside, I hope your moving goes well, and I'll stop by sometime next week to check up on you.

Eat some salads, young man.


P.S. Shiny teleportation, really?

Attachment: MeetingMinutesJune14.doc


To: claudiopolis@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: trolollol

Hey, little sister,

Yes, most of this is just trolling you, however, can you send me the actual address of the B&B? Filling out customs forms to ship my shit, and they won't take 'Stokes county' as an address to ship to. I can't seem to make them realize that I really am going to that much of nowhere.

See you soon, bratfink.



To: helena.wells@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: Hey

Hey, you.

Just sending some e-mail before going to work, and checking in. How'd you sleep last night? Claud got you a Skype, right? If not, Farnsworth me if you need to talk. We can either talk on that or I can talk you through Skype. Whichever.

I miss you. Is that normal? Hell, why am I asking you what's normal. I don't think it's something either of us do.

I love you,
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Travelling is hell, especially when you're half-moving anyway. Joshua had decided that he was going to take some books and the Artifact to the B&B, to just have a few less things things to take when he actually moved a week later.

Flights were late, Customs was eying Joshua's papers like they were in Greek, and the closer they got to South Dakota, the more unsettled Helena was. So, when they got to the airport finally, Joshua decided to fuck it, and get the flashiest car that the Hertz place rented: a red convertible something-or-other that suited Joshua's mood just fine. However, to his vast embarrassment, he'd almost forgotten how to drive in the fifteen years that he didn't actually need to. He was able to get the car in gear and going, with a minimum of offers to drive from his Victorian now-girlfriend.

Driving into the address that he'd been e-mailed a couple days ago (how they got his e-mail, he wasn't actually going to ask at this point), he parked (very poorly) and looked around, wondering where the shit everyone else parked, as the lot was mostly empty.
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After making sure his sister is tucked up into bed, Joshua stumbles back into his room, (leaving the connecting door unlocked and ajar just slightly) and flops into bed. Rrrrgh. Maybe he did drink just a bit too much.
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They've been snowed in for three days, and it's starting to get old.

It's not the company that he objects to, as much, Helena is one of the few people who can keep up with him, no matter what he's babbling on about, but it's just that he's beginning to wonder about the state of his food stores.

So as he gets up and goes to open his pantry, he comes to a realization.

"Helena? If we want to eat today, I think we're going to have to brave the rest of the snow. I'm almost out of anything that's not mac and cheese." He opens the fridge. "And I think my milk's gone off too." You'll have to excuse the boy. He wasn't really in the right state of mind last week.
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The morning sun is breaking through Joshua's windows, reflecting even more off of the five feet of snow that's starting to melt in the June heat.

Inside, Joshua is snuggled up to the woman beside him, sleeping with a smile on his face.


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