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Christmas 2012: Joshua's Warehouse Lab

There's a Christmas tree in Joshua's lab with multi-colored lights, and a few strings of tinsel literally thrown on it.

On the top is a shining static ball that Joshua's talking to.

"Oh, so you decided to knock off my star and become a star yourself?"


"If you say so. Good thing I like you so much."

Bee eeeeee!
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"Smashing tree topper you got there, brother dear."
The static ball buzzes in Claudia's direction; she just rolls her eyes. "I thought we were done Christmas-ing."
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"Do you now."


Up goes an eyebrow. "Well, if you have presents too, all right then."
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Claudia laughs. "Sooooo, what'd ya get me? Aside from the other shit earlier."
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"Yes, darling, why have you called us here?"

The static ball buzzes Helena's hair then goes back to the top of the tree.

"Well, Merry Christmas to you as well, darling." She grins.
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"You didn't have to." But Claudia's not protesting too hard. She is, after all, tearing open the wrapping paper.

"...Holy shit."
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"Do they even make laptops with these stats?"
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"You seriously didn't have to."
Now is the time of glomping the brother. "Thanks. Love you."
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"Yeah, yeah."
And then she remembers something. "--Crap. Helena, I forgot one earlier. Woolly asked me to pass this along to you."
She pulls a suspiciously book-shaped wrapped package out of her tool belt. When Helena gets it open, she'll find a copy of Time Machine.

The first draft, with the female framing narrator and... well, at least 75 percent less socialism.
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"How on Earth..." Helena stares at it for a moment before clutching it to her chest. "Oh, Wooley. Of course you still had... Actually, how did he still have this?"
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Claudia shrugs. "He said he'd stuck it in with your stuff before the move. You'd have to ask him where he kept it before then. Said he would've put it together for you before now except he could never figure out how to bind it."
Bar to the rescue.
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"I'll have to thank him properly, then."

Joshua hands over a box about the same size as Claudia's, and she opens it to find a couple corsets. "Now, Joshua. Is this a present for me or for you?"

She is, however, grinning hugely.
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"I know, darling." She leans over and kisses him on the cheek. "Thank you, love. I do appreciate it."

A pause. "And I certainly understand why you did not give me this in front of Pete."
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"Oh, definitely. You just like the lack of wild Artie's-father chases, don't you?"
She knows there's more to it than that, of course. They're in the same place.
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"You gonna share with the class?"
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When Claudia gets a good enough look to know what's going on - she doesn't know enough Latin to keep up, but she can make a guess - she grins.

And then she rolls her eyes. "Well, we won't see you the rest of the winter."
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"Gah!" She tries to bat the static ball away on instinct, then stops. "My turn, I take it?"
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"Okay, okay, I'm following. Lead on."

After a few minutes, she comes back, with a notebook and a stack of papers. "I got a challenge!"
There's also a rolled-up blueprint under her arm; Helena might recognise it.
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"Oh, so that's where those went off to." Helena laughs. "I wish you well on those."

She's worked on them herself, however she's never really been one for enhancing, just creating.
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"Thanks. This is gonna be fun."
Fear, world. There are things in this pile that Tesla never got around to building.
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"I certainly think it would be for you."

A static ball quietly perches on Helena's nose.


It's much more subdued than with Claudia and Joshua.

"Oh, is it my turn then, darling?" Helena smiles. "Lead on then."

Beeeee. eee. eeeeeeee.

Helena goes out, then returns, a lot less excited and a lot more thoughtful. She's smiling wistfully at the single sheet in her hand.
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Claudia looks up from her notes long enough to raise an eyebrow. "Personal?"
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"It's... difficult to explain, darlings. It is personal." She smiles at Joshua and takes his hand as a static ball quietly buzzes around Helena's head.
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Claudia nods. "But if there's a theme here at all, it was something you needed."
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"It was." Helena nods. "And something that I could not have truly accepted until I saw Wooley again." A pause. "It could have been both of us here. It should have been in some regards."

Beeeee. eeeeeee. eeeee. eeeeeeeeeeeee.

"Quite, darling. I know you have forgiven me."