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Early November 2012: Leena's B&B/The Warehouse

It was a long night, but an amazing one. In an effort to spend more time with Helena, instead of just talking about it, Joshua took her out to a new restaurant in Featherhead, and then to a movie, and by the time they got home, it was late.

Flopping into bed, Joshua heard the usual chaos of about eleven PM at the B&B. Guess it's just a normal night.
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It's not long after they get to bed that Helena's sound asleep.

Unfortunately, it's not long after that that an unfamiliar alarm sounds.

"...the bloody hell is that?"
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"Go ask someone? I'm sure we're not the only ones that woke up." As there seems to be no immediate danger, Helena's entirely in favor of going back to sleep - but not until they know what the alarm is.
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"No, Artie had us put in some motion detectors in the Warehouse after the MacPherson bullshit and they went off." She's willing to bet it's just Artie skulking around in the dark, but.
"Go back to bed, sleepyhead. I think the rest of us can handle this."
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"You do that, brother dear."
With one last eyeroll, Claudia heads downstairs.
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"If it's any worse than that, they'll call us." Helena rolls over to snuggle Joshua. "We'll be fine. Love you."
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Eventually, it breaks through Helena's sleep as well.

"At least we know what this alarm is for."
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"I can't say I've thought that far ahead, other than 'not cereal.' What do we have?"

She's not really in any hurry to let go of Joshua, but one does what one must, and now she's well-rested.
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"Threaten me with corn flakes, Mr. Donovan, and you'll go the weekend without sex." Helena smiles. "The blueberries sound like they'd be a fantastic addition to something else, though."
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She turns her head to make it a proper kiss. "Pancakes sound lovely, darling. Shall we?"

After all, if they don't get out of bed soon, they're liable to stay there all day.
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"...oh, dear. Just a moment." Helena grabs her own Tesla before heading down the hall.

"Myka's not here either. Badge and gun present and accounted for, but her Tesla's gone as well."
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"I'm sure she'll forgive you eventually. Shall I start looking into breakfast, or should we put the blueberry plans on hold?"
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It's several more buzzes than usual before Claudia answers.
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"'m in the world. not my fault we got here at fuck o'clock."
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Claudia sighs. "Salt Lake. Dr. Vanessa called Artie with a ping and he was going to try to skulk off by himself until I pointed out hospitals mean blood. It's just us right now - we got the bare bones of the ping last night and he called Hugo, but that was too late to get much else done. Too early. Thing."
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"...They didn't come back from the Warehouse? Maybe something in-building came up. Artie did say something about someone needing to teach Steve to aim a Tesla."
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"Dammit, Jim, I'm a hacker, not a programmer. Someone's giving people a computer virus - yes, I'm being careful - and we're gonna need somebody to program an antivirus."
Claudia rolls her eyes. "Twenty bucks says Hugo lets himself get infected with the damn thing before we crack the case, though."
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"Wasn't expecting you to take it. Love you too."
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Helena frowns. "Oh, dear. I wonder what faff entangled everyone else."
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"Or we could turn the tables on Pete and eat all but two. For Myka and Steve, of course."

A stop at Dunkin' later, they enter the Warehouse; as soon as Helena sees the computers, which are showing at least five Artifact disturbances in the stacks, she frowns. "Oh, bollocks. What on earth did they get up to last night?"
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"Steve's still on the Warehouse floor somewhere, and... oh, dear. I think you're about to find a very interesting sight, darling."