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Mid-September 2012: Featherhead, South Dakota, Regent Office Building; The Warehouse

Joshua pulled into Featherhead about an hour later than expected, running up the stairs, and into a room occupied by two other people.

"Sorry I'm late, guys. Got out of Minneapolis late, and everything spiralled from there."
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"It happens to all of us."
Jane is, however, incredibly heartened to see that Joshua's looking a good deal more relaxed now, even with the amount of traveling he's done over the last few days.
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"Have a seat, Joshua." He waves a hand at the table. "Take a few breaths. We're in no hurry here. I am certain the Warehouse can take care of herself for a few hours." He is smirking slightly.
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"That She does. I take it New Jersey went well?"
Jane's a little disappointed they won't be testing the FBI agent, but it's just as well. She'd only backed her because there were so few good candidates; Pete would have seen too much of Myka in her for anyone's good.
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"Good. He did seem to have the best shot at fitting in with the group we currently have."
And it seemed like he needed the community the Warehouse can give its people.
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"Yes. And with this confirmation, we can move on to other pressing matters." He leans back in his chair for a moment, thoughtful, but does not go on.
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"He's not used to having to justify himself, and probably doesn't think you'll answer his questions in kind, if he asks them. I wouldn't be surprised if he's also assuming you and Claudia have teamed up against him, but your sister's too sensible to do that."
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"You do have the authority to overrule him, Joshua." He raises an eyebrow at the other man. "And perhaps this is the moment to do so. I believe Agent Wells has been a little stir-crazy of late."
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"Better that we give her something to do before she finds herself a project, definitely."
Especially since she's pretty sure Helena could make Joshua's dissertation into something viable.
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"Quite. I am certain that she has been working on something, best stop her before she does more." He pauses. "Also, Joshua, please keep an eye out for things in Denver. I believe that Myka will be ready to return soon. She needs us more than she realizes."
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Helena is dong inventory, and getting really bloody sick of it. Given that, Joshua makes for a welcome distraction. "Hello, darling."
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...Is that a case file? She grabs it before it can vanish in a puff of smoke. "Oh, thank god." She flips through the file; something relevant to their interests is going up for auction. "Well, that looks simple enough. Thank you."
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"Not anyone who would protest, anyway. I'd gladly have you along, but given how soon the new recruit's meant to be here, it may not be wise." Helena hugs Joshua. "Thank you, darling, this will do me a world of good."

And with that, she heads off to see about getting herself packed and ready to go.
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"What - what's this?"

Claudia rolls her eyes. "An inventory clipboard, Artie. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept."

"I thought Helena was doing inventory."

"And... I thought she just headed out to go on a ping?"

Artie splutters some more, and Claudia sighs. Really? No really seriously.
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"Why isn't someone going with her?"

Claudia sighs again. "We're all busy, you're too butthurt to work with her and there's a noob on his way in so maybe Joshua thinks he should be here for--"

"Wait, what?" Artie turns to face Joshua. "There's a new - why didn't you think to mention this?"
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"And how did she know? Why are you giving Claudia special treatment?"

"Oh, for godsakes, Artie, it's not special treatment! I just ask questions and let him finish a sentence afterward. Bet he thought his boss told you and his boss thought he told you, or something. Besides, we were sharing a hotel room when he had to go help read the new guy in."
She didn't so much ask where Joshua had been as 'so that was the noob?', but that's beside the point.
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Artie snatches the file and stalks off, muttering under his breath.

Claudia facepalms. "Well, that went well."
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"Hey, none of that, Artie's butthurt is his problem, not yours."