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Artifact: Equitable Life Building Fire Nozzle

Donovan Classification: DC2

Physical Description: A nozzle for the end of a fire hose.

Effects: When water is sent through the nozzle, it turns into ice.

Date of Snag: Exact Date Unknown, but sometime in the 1940s. Likely post-war.

Agents in Charge: Agent Buck Mendell

Additional Comments: Used in an Artifact snag in 2012 by Agent Pete Lattimer
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Artifact: Jimi Hendrix's Guitar

Donovan Classification: DC2 (with an affinity for those who play guitar)

Physical Description: A Fender Stratocaster guitar torched in 1967.

Effects: When the guitar is played, it spews lighning. If it is not neutralized, it can crash an entire power grid. As far as it is known, the only way to neutralize the Artifact is to use Hendrix's tremolo bar.

Date of Snag: September 10, 2012

Agents in Charge: Agents Claudia Donovan and Pete Lattimer and Regent Joshua Donovan

Additional Comments: Observation of now-Agent Steve Jinks. Passed with flying colours.
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Artifact: Bartolomeo Scappi's Cooking Pot

Donovan Classification: DC2

Physical Description: A well-used iron pot from the sixteenth century.

Effects: Everything cooked in the pot tastes wonderful, but the user will slowly lose their sense of taste, as everything tastes like foie gras.

Date of Snag: July 28th, 2012

Agents in Charge: Agent Claudia Donovan and Regent Joshua Donovan

Additional Comments: Regent Donovan's first field work.


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