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From: jane.lattimer@warehouse.13
To: shinyteleportation@gmail.com

Subject: Meeting recap


It was good to meet you on Saturday at the meeting. I think the entire organization will benefit because you're here.

A couple things. I've attached Theodora's meeting notes. I thought you'd find them hilarious. (I know I did.) Also, you have an e-mail now: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13 Password's Rheticus. No, I didn't set it up. Yes, as your sister would likely say, he is that much of a troll. Oddly, someone's set it up so we can get to it through Gmail. Mr. Kosan and I are really the only people who use these e-mails, but they are very secure. I'm just waiting for your sister to find them.

All that aside, I hope your moving goes well, and I'll stop by sometime next week to check up on you.

Eat some salads, young man.


P.S. Shiny teleportation, really?

Attachment: MeetingMinutesJune14.doc


To: claudiopolis@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: trolollol

Hey, little sister,

Yes, most of this is just trolling you, however, can you send me the actual address of the B&B? Filling out customs forms to ship my shit, and they won't take 'Stokes county' as an address to ship to. I can't seem to make them realize that I really am going to that much of nowhere.

See you soon, bratfink.



To: helena.wells@gmail.com
From: joshua.donovan@warehouse.13

Subject: Hey

Hey, you.

Just sending some e-mail before going to work, and checking in. How'd you sleep last night? Claud got you a Skype, right? If not, Farnsworth me if you need to talk. We can either talk on that or I can talk you through Skype. Whichever.

I miss you. Is that normal? Hell, why am I asking you what's normal. I don't think it's something either of us do.

I love you,
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The morning sun is breaking through Joshua's windows, reflecting even more off of the five feet of snow that's starting to melt in the June heat.

Inside, Joshua is snuggled up to the woman beside him, sleeping with a smile on his face.
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The door opens, probably miraculously on Joshua's living room. The chaos isn't as bad as in the bedroom, but there are notes and papers all over the desk around his computer, and a few books lying on the couch across from the TV.

"Sorry about the mess. One of these days I'll clean. Really."
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Joshua leads Claudia into his (admittedly messy) apartment, kicking some dirty shirts out of the way. "Um, don't mind the mess. Sorry. I didn't know I was going to have company."

There's something about the room that is so typically Joshua.
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ShinyTeleportation: Hey, Claudia? You around?
damncompass: doing paperwork (Science to do)
Once Joshua woke up on Saturday, he decided, a bit worriedly, that he should probably be responsible and see if he even had a job. When he left the bar and went back to his apartment, he hooked up his computer, which immediately popped up a window asking if he wanted to correct the day and time. Confused, Joshua let his computer do whatever it wanted, and he checked out some of his Youtube subscriptions. Nothing new. Checking a few things, Joshua realized that he hadn't lost any time by being in the bar.

Feeling a bit like Scrooge on Christmas morning, he went for a long, very silent, very calm walk through the streets of Geneva. After dinner at his favourite fondue place, he came home, much calmer than he had been in ages. The rest of the evening was devoted to his dissertation.

Sunday, he decided to make and upload another Youtube video (the fine art of mousetrap vehicles, this time, and why they mostly don't work) and spend a bit of time poking at Shinji's desk thingy.

The rest of the week went by fairly normally, work, dissertation, and a bit of research on what he was increasingly certain was an Artifact. Shinji was still conspicuously absent, so he couldn't ask (well, tell really) about keeping the whatever-it-actually-was.

Slowly, however, he started being a bit worried, as Claud wasn't answering her Skype. Finally, Sunday afternoon, he pulled up Expedia to get a ticket to South Dakota. If they wouldn't tell him what was wrong, he'd figure it out himself. Before he actually got the ticket, however, he got up to go to the living room to grab his wallet, and... found Milliways. Oops.
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After talking to Charles and Claudia, Joshua went upstairs and locked himself in his room with his laptop, the dissertation, and some ear plugs.

After about two hours of data, analysis, epic music, and feeling like he was pulling facts out of his ass, Joshua slapped the top to his laptop down, and just barely refrained from tossing the thing across the room. This was stupid, idiotic, useless, and getting him absolutely nowhere good. Flopping back on his bed, he stared at the ceiling as the music changed with his thoughts.

Listening to the music for a moment, Joshua got up, rummaged in the desk for a pen and some (unfortunately graph) paper, and sat down to actually write for once.


You know that I've never really been one for words when it doesn't involve science. I think that's part of why I haven't actually talked about what happened to us. We both know what happened, we know the facts, so why go over it?

But we need to. We should talk. There's so many things I want to talk about, want to say. Frankly, though, I'm scared. You've become a woman that I'm proud of, stronger than either of us thought, or really thought we needed. I am so proud of what you've accomplished, Claud. Every day that we talk, I'm amazed at who you are and what you do even without thinking about how awesome it is. You hacked into an international government warehouse and kidnapped one of its most senior agents just to get me of all people out.

Me. Mister fuck-up damsel in distress over here. I know that nothing I could ever say would convince you that I'm not even worth your time let alone your almost-death, but I still can't help but believe it to be true. You saved me, Claud. Not just by pulling me out, but pulling me
back. I was actually feeling myself fading in there, and not only fading but blacking out. Each time I blacked out, I thought I was done for. It... well, let's just say it's not a very good feeling, confronting your own death time after time like that. I can't even begin to tell you what it was like when I saw you in the lab for the first time. You were so grown up, but also so tortured, and I just wanted you to go and live your life, and not bother with me, with the past. Clearly you're all about the future. (not that the future is a bad thing.)

Would I change it if I could? I don't know. I might. I might change it so I wasn't pulled back from that space so you could move on. I might study something else so that fuck-face wouldn't have had the chance to prey on my naivete and give me that damn compass. But my fuckup got you the home I could never give you. You're coming into yourself, Claudia, not as my little sister, but as yourself. You know who you are, who you want to be, and it isn't some reflection of me. That's wonderful. I'm more proud of you than I can say. Hell, lately, I've been feeling like I've been scrambling to keep up with you.

And that's why the research. I discovered time travel, Claud. Well, ok, I discovered that molecules were colliding before we sent them down the collider, and that much of the antimatter in storage is now just lumps of scientific-grade depleted uranium. But it's a discovery. No one else was even looking at that. It's useless, though. It would take so much funding and so much time and space to make it into something that even I don't know if it would work. Again, useless research courtesy of Joshua Donovan.

That's why the other research, though. I want to contribute something that will help. You were right as always, I was Artifacted. This thing from Shinji's desk went all artifacty. I keep neutralizing it, and poking at it, and trying to get somewhere with researching it, but I don't have the tools, I think. I'm determined to get somewhere, though. Because how can you be safe if you don't actually understand these things that are putting your life in danger every day? I know I'm not really good for much, but damnit, Claudia, I want to help. I want to keep you safe like I always wanted to, but fucked up. I did want to be there like I promised, but, well, we both know how that turned out.

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late!) I'm proud of you, Claudia, you've saved me so many times, and I'm doing what I'm doing for you. I want to in any way that I can make things better or safer for you. It's what I've always done, and always will do.

I love you, little sis,

After he finished, Joshua stared at the paper for a moment, then crumpled it up and tossed it at the trash can. Yeah, like he could actually give her that. Sighing, he flopped back on his bed and tried to sleep.
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In some ways, it all came back to Claudia. It was to make her a better life than South Dakota that he eventually decided on the teleportation anyway. Joshua was so certain that when (he never deals in if, science is all about when) his research finally came to fruition, that he'd get a job at a prestigious research college, and only then would he uproot Claudia. The schools were better out east anyway, and there would be less questions about a young man raising a ten-year-old (even though she never did understand being ten).

Her screams haunted him while he was in that place. It was the last thing he heard before the oppressive silence, and the last thing he even wanted to hear. He'd promised her that he'd make it alright, that she wouldn't have to be afraid anymore, but those screams were the personification of his broken promise. As time passed, he poked and prodded at that damn compass, but nothing seemed to work.

However, finally, he felt a pull, something almost tearing at his soul, and he couldn't help but follow it. There he was, hovering above his old lab somehow etherially, but before he could process that, there was Claudia, fussing with some of the minerals he'd left on the table. But that wasn't his ten-year-old Claudia, this was a... not even a girl anymore, but an older, perhaps wiser, but no less determined woman. He tried to reach out, but the closer he tried to get, the more she seemed to fade.

... shit. Once the lab and Claudia were gone, he just stood for a long moment and stared at the yellow shiny nothing. He could see her, he could be a part of things, but he was hurting her. More time passed, this time almost painfully slowly. Each time that he was pulled through to the lab, he could tell that he was hurting her more.

He was pulled to the lab more and more often, until finally one time he saw Professor Nielsen there. He pleaded with him to get Claudia to stop this nonsense, to stop killing herself for him. And it worked. Or he thought it did until they both ended up in the space with him. Damnit.

But there she was, his sister, his now much less little sister and she was fine. He could tell that she'd been broken, but he could fix that. He could make her better, he could finally keep his promise to her. Eventually, they got out of the space (Of course he missed the human element of it. Stupid mistake, really.) and he ended up at CERN.

There was still a hole, though, that hole that burned every so often that he missed so many of his sister's growing up years. As much as he could, he chatted with her on Skype, called her, and sent her all the things he could. It really did all come back to her, though. He wanted to make her a life that wasn't South Dakota, to take her away from everything that had happened. However, as time passed, as he really got to know his sister, his real sister, not the one he had in his head, he realized that she'd found a family and found her own happiness. Most days, he wished that it included more of him, but he was content. Claudia was happy and that was what mattered.


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