Apr. 21st, 2013

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Once Joshua woke up on Saturday, he decided, a bit worriedly, that he should probably be responsible and see if he even had a job. When he left the bar and went back to his apartment, he hooked up his computer, which immediately popped up a window asking if he wanted to correct the day and time. Confused, Joshua let his computer do whatever it wanted, and he checked out some of his Youtube subscriptions. Nothing new. Checking a few things, Joshua realized that he hadn't lost any time by being in the bar.

Feeling a bit like Scrooge on Christmas morning, he went for a long, very silent, very calm walk through the streets of Geneva. After dinner at his favourite fondue place, he came home, much calmer than he had been in ages. The rest of the evening was devoted to his dissertation.

Sunday, he decided to make and upload another Youtube video (the fine art of mousetrap vehicles, this time, and why they mostly don't work) and spend a bit of time poking at Shinji's desk thingy.

The rest of the week went by fairly normally, work, dissertation, and a bit of research on what he was increasingly certain was an Artifact. Shinji was still conspicuously absent, so he couldn't ask (well, tell really) about keeping the whatever-it-actually-was.

Slowly, however, he started being a bit worried, as Claud wasn't answering her Skype. Finally, Sunday afternoon, he pulled up Expedia to get a ticket to South Dakota. If they wouldn't tell him what was wrong, he'd figure it out himself. Before he actually got the ticket, however, he got up to go to the living room to grab his wallet, and... found Milliways. Oops.


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