Aug. 7th, 2013

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After his exploration of hats last week, Joshua has been focusing his energies on studying various Artifacts that have an area of effect, which brings him to a shelf in Charlestown sector with a stone which was the basis of the Rip Van Winkle mythology.

He takes off his gloves to poke at a display and suddenly, a kettle appears in his hands. "Where the hell'd you come from?" Sighing, he moves to put it down on a shelf while he deals with the stone, but something rattles around inside.

As he opens the lid, a ferret pokes its nose out of the kettle.

"Ok, what the hell. How'd you get in here?" The ferret scurries up his arm and perches on his shoulder. He stares at the ferret for a moment, gaping. "Did you seriously just appear from this kettle? Seriously? That is not possible. I just... what the hell."

Somehow, however, he knows that he needs to neutralize the kettle, so he takes it to the end of an aisle and sticks it in a tub of goo. Pulling a paper out of his pocket, he writes a note and tapes it on the tub.

Kettle. It produced a ferret. No fucking clue what it is or where it goes.

Rip Van Winkle is forgotten in favour of... a ferret. It's probably time for a drink.


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