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Mid-September 2012: The Warehouse

If there was ever a time for the phrase 'perfect storm', this was it. There was a storm around the Ancient Archives, something was going on in the Ovoid, and to top it off, his 'hey, there's something going on in Denver' ping pinged.

Artie packed Pete and Steve off to Denver, somewhat to Joshua's relief (because if anyone could remind Myka of the Warehouse, it would be Pete), and sent Claud to the Ovoid to help Leena. That left him to deal with the Ancient Archives along with Artie.

The walk down was quiet, if a bit steamy and punctuated by lightning. Once they got in, among the chaos was a statue of Zeus spewing lightning around the room.

"Oh, is that all?"

"All? Joshua, do you know what you're saying?"

"It's just a statue of...."

"Get me some goo."

Begrudgingly, he ran out to the nearest station and got a bucket of goo. Coming back in, he handed it to Artie who threw it on the statue. It smoldered a bit and disappeared.

"Shit. We need to go back and..."

"Artie, if you want to research, that's fine, but shouldn't we at least see what's up in the Ovoid?"

Begrudgingly, Artie nodded and stomped out of the Archives.

Eventually, they turn a corner, and go into the Ovoid. Claudia was backing up a machine with a crate on the front.

Artie blustered. "Who told you that you could drive that thing?"

"I did, Artie." Joshua sighed. Maybe he didn't, but that's not the point. "What's going on, Claudia?"
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"Whatever's going haywire is in one of those crates," Claudia says.
Sure enough, the crate she's just cleared the way to - roughly the same size as one that could hold Zeus, if either of the guys would happen to notice - is giving off an eerie purplish light.
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"Yes. Yes, we do." She passes him a crowbar.

(Somewhere in among the lightning is a static ball.)
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"Light and heat, according to Leena. What was up in the Ancient Archives?"

"Something's got Zeus completely freaked out," Artie says, and Claudia frowns. She frowns more when Joshua gets the crate open; the statue inside is looking distinctly goddess-y.
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Close enough, Claudia thinks, but she doesn't tempt fate by saying so out loud. "So I'm guessing we should see if goo works?"
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"Exactly." Claudia ducks out of the ovoid long enough to bring in a goo hose.

...But the goo just burns right off. "Okay, that backfired beautifully. Now what?"

Artie's already heading for the door. "I need to do some research, figure out where these things came from."
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Artie sighs. "Oh, so now you're under-valuing the history of these things on top of everything else?"

If he spoke Donovan, he might have reconsidered saying that. Claudia's not very impressed with this argument.
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"Irrelevant? How can it be--"

"Oh my GOD," Claudia snaps. "Will you two put your dicks away and start working together before I have to knock your heads in? You've been at each other's throats for no goddamn reason since June and I have had it up to here with being stuck in the middle of it. Artie, if Joshua wanted you gone you would be by now, but he's got a point. We know enough to know we should get one of these damn statues out of the building before, I don't know, the Warehouse catches fire? Joshua, Artie knows shit. Let him find a place to put one of these. Probably Zeus since he's easier to explain than a random statue of Hera. Both of you, fucking stop it."
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"Artie, you can research where the statues are from to your heart's content when we're not in the middle of a crisis. But as fast as this is getting out of control, we need to move one of them now. And we tried to tell you once already that we're not just taking each other's side because we're family. I think you've both been dumbasses lately."

"She does have a point," Leena chimes in. "How about we go find Zeus a new home?"
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It's probably because Leena finally weighed in on the argument, but Claudia's not complaining; Artie sighs the way he does when he's at least decided to let an argument drop. "The conservatory in the park should work. Let's get on this. Claudia, can you rig an alarm system for it?"

"You got it."

(She doesn't notice, but there's a distinct smell of apples in the air.)