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Joshua Donovan ([personal profile] damncompass) wrote2013-07-03 07:52 pm

OOM: Early July 2012: Joshua's Warehouse Lab

Joshua has not been doing science today. What has has been doing is making a pile of notes about things that he's observed in the Warehouse in the past couple weeks. He's come to the conclusion that there are a few holes in the way things are being run. However, instead of fighting Artie about it, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Thus, he picks up his Farnsworth and buzzes his sister.
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It's not long before she answers. "What up?"
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"Sure. Be there in a few."
After she hangs up, she finishes the shelf of inventory she was on and heads over (not like the rest of it won't be there later).
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"Knock knock."
Yes, she still says that sometimes. WHAT OF IT.
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"oooooh, chairs. Getting all schmancy on me, brother dear." Or... not that fancy, but she feels the need to poke at him, even as she pulls up a chair.
"Got a lot of paper piles going there."
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"Okay, I can do official. Or at least fake it. What'd you have up your sleeve?"
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Claudia nods. "That I can do. Any particular reason we're going all Big Brother on our own people?"
She doesn't ask why he only wants it on flash drives. That reason is named Artie.
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"True, that. Considering two of our families have already been hit."
Yes, Joshua, you count in that.
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"All right. One hacker special coming right up. Anything else?"
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Claudia grins. "Oh, Artie's gonna shit."
But she doesn't much care, as she agrees that more Farnsworths = more better.
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"I think so?" She frowns as she thinks it over. "My-- well, Pete has one, Artie has one, there's mine, I think Mrs. F has one, you have one... obviously your boss has one. Regent Mom?"
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"Can do. And will do. Three more should be easy enough."
Not like she doesn't already know the basics, or where to find the blueprint.
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Claudia nods. "That shouldn't be a problem. If there's not enough stuff int he Farnsworth aisle to make things work, I'll holler."
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"Oh, you know. Thing-like. Trolling for pings, keeping Artie away from HG, trying to stop Pete's lost-puppy act, the usual."
Fixing her HVAC fail, discovering Farnsworths don't work across dimensions, explaining D&D alignments to Al.
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"This is you. You'd be helping inside of five minutes."
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"About as much as I do."
Oooor he wouldn't have tried the compass anyway.
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"Yeah, and there's nothing wrong with going out on cases to do so. It's all good. I mean, if you're gonna hang out here you'll get pulled along sooner or later anyway."
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"Your best bet will probably be to grab the ping files before Artie can and split them up. But you didn't hear that from me."
Claudia, plot against Artie? Never.