damncompass: concerned face (oh dear)
Joshua Donovan ([personal profile] damncompass) wrote2013-07-24 07:20 pm

OOM: July 2012: Univille, South Dakota/ New York, New York

It's been a rather boring week, if it comes down to it. Well, until this morning. He was awoken by Artie yelling up the stairs at Pete, followed by the requisite grumbling, stomping, and showering before they both left for parts unknown. Helena wandered off to do some inventory, and he went to his lab.

He'd tried to work on his latest Artifact lead, but all he got was a not exactly comforting hallucination of Napoleon and the battle of Waterloo in his lab. One goo bath and an actual shower later, he decided to go hang out in the office with Claudia.

Pulling up his latest internet obession: Who Wants to be a Cooking Star?, he curled up in a chair and lost himself in the absurdity of it all, until something that had been bothering him for a while finally sunk in.

"Hey, Claudia? Can you come look at this for a moment? I think I might've found an Artifact."

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