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March 11, 2013; Leena's B&B

Joshua had thought long and hard about what to do for his sister's birthday. He had to do something awesome, that he knew for certain, but he wasn't exactly sure what that awesome would be. After some thought, and a lot of pacing around his lab, he finally came up with an idea, a couple weeks before the day in question.

So when Claudia woke up on the morning of her birthday, she would smell omlettes cooking merrily downstairs. It's only the beginning.
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She smells 'em, all right. And then she goes back to sleep.
For a few minutes, anyway. These days she's used to being the one cooking the omelets, so sooner or later she just has to investigate (still in her PJs, of course).
"Awww, you shouldn't have."
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Naturally she's moving in for the hug before sitting down.
"Thanks, brother dear."
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Up goes an eyebrow. "And what are you plotting?"
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"If things are exploding, I think I can be persuaded to sacrifice my birthday."
Her eyebrow's still up. "Regent business, huh? Is that what they're calling 'birthday brother time' these days?"
(Why yes she's already plotting out his birthday card why do you ask?)
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"Do you really? I can't imagine why." PERHAPS IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE DAY OF HER BIRTH.
...Nah, that's just crazy talk.
Claudia grins. "And what part of this has you all bouncypants?"
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"Do you now. You realise you could just tell me."
Om nom nom nom nom.
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"Must they. Get on with Thing 1, in that case."
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"No, I think I can put on clothes from there and then we can go to the Warehouse. But I thought work was waiting today?"
Hey, if he's gonna make a big deal about ~Regent business,~ she reserves the right to point out the discrepancies.
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After they finish breakfast, Claudia goes and puts some proper clothes on, and then comes back down. "'k. Shall we?"
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She does. "The hell have you been doing, and why didn't you use the vent fan?"
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"Yes, you have a vent fan. Remember when you were complaining about the lack of circulation? Thought that'd be a good idea too."
She grins when she gets the box open. "Oh, good, a longer one. And it's neutralizer purple, too! You know me well... or have you been monkeying around with the goo?"
It'd explain the stains. This is too much for the problem to be the Warehouse messing with the goo hose.
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"Still handy. Proactive neutralizing. I like it. So what's Thing 2?"
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That calls for glompage.
"And how the hell did you get your hands on a VIP pass? I couldn't even get a regular one."
Well, that and she decided it wasn't worth the hassle to plan that far out in advance. The second she does that, there'll be a ping that takes up all of Comicon weekend...
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"Good. Have I mentioned lately that you're the greatest? Because you're the greatest."
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Claudia waves a hand. "Being back in this dimension pretty well covers it, in my books. But if you insist on getting me awesome shit you won't find me arguing."
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She does, though, because she trusts Joshua with her life.
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"...Okay, so that's pretty damn cool."
And that's even before Claudia takes in their surroundings. "And what did you have in mind out here?"
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Claudia's pretty much beaming. "Sounds like a plan."