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Elsegame: Application!

PART 1 - Out of Character
NAME: Quinn or Quinby
AGE (must be 18 or older): 31 (ugh)
E-MAIL: angelicphoenix@gmail.com
AIM: No AIM, but Gchat at angelicphoenix
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] quiverby
TIME ZONE: American Eastern

PART 2.d - In Character WH13/Eureka Canon Characters
Full Name: Joshua Alan Donovan
Nicknames: Nothing. Please don't call him Josh.
WH Job Title: Scientist-in-Residence

DOB/Age: July 14, 1973, age 40. However, relatively, he's 28, due to 12 years in an Interdimensional Space
Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Somewhere not completely straight or gay. He doesn't think about it, and he doesn't really know. He hasn't had a boyfriend, but he wouldn't rule it out.
Species: Human
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Journal: [personal profile] damncompass
PB: Tyler Hynes
Canon Point: post-“Emily Lake” to suit the game’s AU
What year was your character recruited by The Warehouse? 2014, not long before the start of the game

Warehouse Connection: Joshua first came to the attention of the Warehouse when he created an Artifact at thirteen (which he still has. It’s dormant until it gets out of his possession) and subsequently was used by MacPherson to explore Rheticus’ Compass. When he came back to the Real World from the interdimensional space, he realized that he’d created an Artifact (a desk ornament actually owned by his officemate Shinji), and he started poking at it and doing experiments on it. After the camera got out into the world, the Regents realized that Joshua would be an asset with his brilliance and understanding of Artifacts.

Appearance:Joshua is about six feet tall with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. His facial expressions are very vibrant; most times you can tell what he’s thinking or feeling just by what’s on his face. Physically, he goes between average and a bit pudgy, depending on how much he’s been eating that month. When he first comes to the Warehouse, he’s definitely on the thin side. He wears a lot of button-down shirts, grey pants, and the occasional tie and sweater vest. If he’s trying, he does clean up fairly well, but most times, he doesn’t really try too hard.

History: Joshua was born to a teenaged couple in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early seventies. They might not have had everything together, but they loved their son very much. When Joshua was about five, they moved to Omaha, so his father could take a job at Berkshire Hathaway. His life progressed fairly normally until his baby sister Claudia was born. (Note: Joshua won’t talk much about his history or his other sister or lack thereof until there’s more canon to draw from. I don’t feel comfortable putting Claire in until I know what’s going on. I will revise when there’s something to draw from.) He bonded with Claudia fairly early, and by the time their parents died when Claudia was seven, they were almost inseparable.

They did separate for a while, however, when Joshua went to college at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. While there, Joshua studied physics and mathematics, and participated in the speech and debate team, leading that team to win Nationals his senior year. Only a few weeks before he was due to graduate, he received a call that his parents had died in a car wreck, and went back to Omaha, skipping his graduation ceremony to plan the funeral and take care of Claudia.

He took a year off from school to settle into life with Claudia, at first deferring his acceptance to MIT for graduate study, but eventually turning that down in favour of settling in at Creighton, across the street from his high school. At the beginning of his second Masters’ year, as he was deciding on a thesis topic, Professor Reynolds suggested the work of Joachim Rheticus, a mathematician known not only for his work with triangles, but also his claims of teleportation. Joshua took to that like a fish to water, throwing himself into the teleportation research. After Christmas, Professor Reynolds gave him a compass said to be used by Rheticus himself in his research. Just as he was about to finish his research, a short, round, eyebrowed professor appeared, and tried to take the compass away. Throwing caution (and good sense) to the wind, Joshua tried to use it, knowing full well that he didn’t have all of the information yet. In a flash of light, and a heart-wrenching moment of his sister’s screams, he disappeared.

Twelve years passed in which he stared at the shiny gold nonsense around him and tried to ignore the damn compass that was his only companion. As time went on, he started blacking out, surprised when he woke up and was still alive. Eventually Claudia came back to his lab, grown up into a young woman, full of prickles, but definitely full of life. She and the professor got him out of the Space, thanks to a secret panel on the compass that he’d somehow missed entirely.

Once he was out, and barely caught up on the twelve years he’d missed, Professor Artie (not really a professor, as he found out) got him a job at CERN in Geneva, and he left within the week. At CERN, he quickly settled into his data analysis job, looking over everyone else’s experiment data. After a few months, his workday was disrupted by his boss raising his clearance level to allow him to help with the antimatter transport. As he (painfully) found out the next day, it wasn’t actually his boss, but Professor Reynolds, actually a rogue Warehouse agent named MacPherson, who then stole the antimatter and pushed him off of a balcony. Ow.

After recuperating from a concussion and broken leg, he decided to use his new access to the antimatter and start a doctoral program at the University of Geneva. Two years later, he got his doctorate in theoretical physics, hoping to actually conduct a few of his own experiments based on the inconsistencies in data that he had written his dissertation on. Unfortunately, he was still on the bottom of the data monkey pile, and as time went on, he withdrew more and more from everyone and everything, even contacting his sister less.

It was then that Mrs. Frederic appeared in his apartment while he was in his boxers with an opportunity that he just couldn’t refuse.

Personality: Joshua is a very dedicated person. When he puts his mind to something, he plans it out and works through it to its conclusion. His two greatest passions are his research and his sister. He’ll do anything for Claudia, especially because he feels like he owes her for everything that she went through to get him out of the interdimensional space. Even though he is extremely brilliant, and knows that to some extent, he has very little confidence in himself, which is most obvious when people try to make him in charge of something. He would much rather work in the background, finding things to make the world a better place, than be out in the front with his research. Also, because of his twelve years away from everything and everyone, he’s developed a deep social anxiety that he covers up quite well unless he’s in a crowd of people.

Outside of his work, he is an utter dork, inclined to puppy-dog faces and letting his sister take the lead. He loves video games, mostly RPGs and the occasional Smash Brothers, and reading science fiction (HG Wells has always been a favorite). Other than the twelve-year gap in his experience, his knowledge and love of pretty much all pop culture is pretty good. He also has a decent knowledge of stargazing, having spent quite a lot of time pointing things out to Claudia when she was small.

Overall, he is a gentle, caring, brilliant person, but he will yell when he’s pissed off. It would take quite a lot for him to get physically aggressive (possibly an Artifact’s involvement), but he does know how to get to someone by using words.

Special facts/special abilities about your character: Joshua is a brilliant and creative scientist, able to take things that seem fantastical and find ways to make them work. He also has a deep connection to Artifacts like his sister, but he does not know how to use it, or really that it exists. He’s able to study Artifacts not only because he’s brilliant, but because he’s connected to them.

What major possessions does your character have? Alienware Laptop, Cellphone, dog-eared copy of The Time Machine circa 1985 (actually Artifacty, but of unknown effects at this time), clothes, various books, Farnsworth painted with gold sparkle-paint (thanks, Claudia), Warehouse ID.

Have you cleared this and discussed this with the mods? Yup.
Do you agree to the requirements and pre-established obligations for the character? Yup.
Have you familiarized yourself with what the character has done, as either under NPC status or being played by a player, in the game thus far? I’ve mostly worked out what Joshua’s done. So… sure?

PART 3 - Writing Samples
1. First Person Writing Sample:(A letter to Claud)

I don't know why all of a sudden I've been thinking about things, but I've been thinking about the past.

I know I've said this a million times, but I'm sorry. I made you a promise, and I broke it, perhaps for good reasons, perhaps for selfish ones, but I still broke it.

However, even through my crappy broken promise, you've become an amazing and wonderful young lady, one that I'm really damn proud of. I am sorry that I wasn't there to help you along the way, but I think you found the way pretty damn well. I think I'm finally learning to stop being an ass and just let it go. You've moved on, I need to.

I know I say it a lot, but I love you, baby sister. (yes, you'll always be my baby sister no matter how old you get) Let's get dinner and ice cream later. We haven't had a sibling time in a couple weeks. Let me know.


2. Third Person Writing Sample: Joshua and Claudia go Artifact Hunting

3. First or Third person sample of their reaction to arriving/using the Farnsworth for the first time: If there was one thing that Joshua was glad of, it was to be off of the damn plane. Traveling for hours on end had never been one of his favourite things, but for some reason this trip was even more exhausting. Everything seemed to take longer than it needed to, and Customs was an absolute pain in the ass, even to the point of almost confiscating his Artifact.

Once he was landing at the Rapid City airport, however, and collecting his rental car, he relaxed more than a little. Stashing his suitcases in the trunk, he took off down the road towards where he hoped he remembered the Warehouse to be. Once he was on the highway, he let his mind wander a bit. The past couple of weeks had been a whirlwind: Packing things in boxes to be sent to an address that people insisted did not exist, and trying to explain to people that he was giving up CERN for Western South Dakota. It wasn't very easy, but honestly, he didn't give a shit about what Shinji or anyone else thought of him.

For the first time in quite a while, he was actually looking forward to the future. He had something interesting that he was going to do, and something that might actually make an impact on things, and on people's lives. He was going to do ground-breaking research that actually could be used, and he was surprisingly happy about it. It was a feeling that he hadn't really experienced since before the Accident.

Eventually, after getting lost a couple times, he pulled up outside of the B&B. No one challenged him, somewhat to his surprise as he got out of the car, went in, and went upstairs. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on Claudia's door. Time to give her a birthday present he hopes she won't forget for a long time.

PART 4 - Disclaimers
Was this character held for you? Yes. Ish?
Can this character be canon-punctured?... well, this is his ‘verse...

Required reading test for players apping a WH13/Eureka character. The Mods will talk to you directly to make sure you've read the required pages. Have you spoken to the Mods about this? Yes

New Players Only - One last question, how did you find out about our game? PSL with Anne!