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Late December 2012; The Warehouse

It's one of those days, where everything in the Warehouse is going pretty well.

People are around, doing inventory, prepping reports, and above everything, there's a cheerful static ball or two zipping down the aisles.

Joshua's in his lab, fussing with this and that, not really making any progress, but amusing himself in the process.
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Claudia, meanwhile, just picked up this year's round of Christmas shirts.
And a gag gift for Joshua that she feels like delivering now. Knock knock.
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"Good to know."
Claudia comes in and hands Joshua a box. "Happy early Christmas for you. Only person who's getting two packages day-of is Steve, and that's because he doesn't have an 'Artifact that almost killed me' shirt yet."
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Claudia shrugs. "No rush, man. Just figured I'd bring this in now."
(If he does open it, he'll find a shirt: WHY IS LARA CROFT POINTING A TESLA AT ME?

Why, no, she doesn't plan on letting him live that down any time soon. Why do you ask?)
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"I knew you'd like it!"
:D :D :D :D :D
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Claudia shrugs. "I was expecting it to be a work shirt. Or a PJ shirt. HG would fall asleep eventually."
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"Me too."

Naturally, the moment's interrupted by that fucking scarab poking through the floor. "...Oh god donut. Is the box in here?"
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"The ovoid maybe? I don't know!"
The last time she heard about anyone trying to catch it was while they were in Fredericksburg. But you bet she's trying now. In the absence of the box, a static bag will have to do.
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"I think so? And I think we're being laughed at. Just go get the damn box, will you, Mister Teleportation?"
Normally she wouldn't encourage him, but she's got the higher Dex stat anyway. Better that she stays here and tries to catch the little fucker.
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"Got it!"
The static bag is twitching. She was on the point of dumping it in a vat of goo.
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"You and me both."
Maybe they should just put it in the box? But if he thinks goo's a good plan Claudia's willing to go with it.
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"What the hell is so funny about this damn scarab, anyway?"

The static ball buzzes cheerfully, but (to Claudia, anyway) totally incomprehensibly.
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She takes the box, and eyes her brother for a moment. "How the hell did you understand that?"
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"Well, I can tell we're being laughed at, but... no? --Get over here, you fucker."
She lunges for the scarab.
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"God donut."
Claudia puts the lid back on the box, sets it on Joshua's desk, and eyes the static ball. "Can't you make the damn thing hold still?"
The static ball buzzes for a while.
"...Yeah, I still got nothin'."
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"If you say so." Which of them she's saying that to is hard to tell.
"How long have you been talking to her, anyway?"
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"Huh. You're going and learning new tricks on me."
The static ball buzzes again.
"Well, maybe if you'd slow down a little I could... catch... oh."
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"Oh, shut up."
The static ball buzzes some more. "I... think she said to put goo on it?"
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"If it was that easy it'd be an Artifact in its own right."