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Late September 2012: Featherhead, South Dakota

If there's one thing that Joshua truly missed from Switzerland, it's the different restaraunts.

Thus, after a good half day's worth of research, he finally found the one decent Indian restaraunt in possibly all of western South Dakota.

On the bright side, it didn't require reservations, and there weren't too many people there.

Dinner is lovely with naan, a few appetizers, and Joshua's favourite vindaloo curry.
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Om all the nom. Claudia went for korma, herself; she wasn't feeling like something too spicy tonight.
(She doesn't have her tool belt, but that doesn't make her unprepared. She packed a shoulder bag with some backup supplies and her Tesla. And her badge. Badges are cool.)
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She glances over at the table in question. There's a guy and three women at it; she assumes the one who looks like she's just sucked a lemon is the one being dumped, as the other two look pretty amused by the whole situation.
"Well, that's interesting."
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Claudia snorts. "Good for him, then."
She's trying to leave them to their drama in peace, but this is pretty good dinner theatre... and then she looks closer.
"You notice he looks... kinda surprised to have said that?"
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"Well, shit, son."
As Claudia fishes a pair of gloves out of her bag, Lemon Face stalks over to another table and bothers the couple there. From the way the guy laughs in her face, Claudia guesses Lemon Face was looking for backup.
(The guy looks like he didn't mean to laugh in her face. Claudia smells fudge, so to speak.)
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"No, you don't. I know you better than that." Seriously, he'd be bored to tears if he were still in Switzerland.
Whatever this is, it's not following Lemon Face; the effect's spreading to tables she hasn't gone anywhere near.
"Looks like we got a Category 4 on our hands."
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"Give it time. It'll get there."
And if it doesn't? They watch the crowd, which they were doing anyway.
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"Shit, son... wait." Claudia points at a table. "Things are looking awfully calm for them, don'tcha think?"
Then she helps herself to a deep breath. "Okay. I can handle this. I can totally handle this. I don't feel like an impostor or anything, why would I, I have more investigative experience than some people who get their badges the long way..."
She shuts her mouth before she can add any more to this fail train.
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"You're here because we were having dinner, dumbass."
With that, she fishes her badge and some gloves out of her bag, gets up, and heads over to the table in question. She can come up with a way to spin this on her way over there, right? Right.
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Okay. Okay. She's got this. Flash the badge, say something about the fact that they believe something on one of these people's person is causing trouble, find out the woman broke out a necklace she inherited from her grandmother who was fond of picking fights with people, say she needs to take it for processing and will get it back 'sometime.' That part's totally a lie, but these people don't need to know that.
Turns out the woman's not all that attached to the necklace anyway, just thought it went well with the dress; she hands it over willingly. Mission accomplished! Now she just needs to get it in a...

"Really, dude, can I take you anywhere?" she says, when she sees Joshua.
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"...Really more than I needed to know, brother dear."
She gets out a static bag and bags the necklace, which sends up a spurt of gold sparks.
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"Hey, look at it this way. You're not looking at scads of couples counseling, and you're not down a husband like ol' Lemon Face appears to be." Say what you will for the situation, but from the looks of that table, there'll be no reconciliation in that relationship.
Claudia does wave down their waiter when she sees him, though.
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"Eh, I know you. You wouldn't really rather be in Geneva. You'd be bored out of your skull."
Unlike most of the night's other drama, she wasn't inclined to take that seriously.
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"Gimme the keys, head forward, get some tissues."
At least paying the bill goes pretty quickly.
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Claudia snorts. "I'm always nice to Figgy. If that hasn't let up by the time we get back I'll call Dr. Vanessa - and don't say you'll go to a regular hospital." She can see that argument coming and shed rather head it off at the pass.
"One, there's not much point in turning around again once we get there. Two, it's her job to help us with medical crises even if they're not caused by Artifacts. Three, if you go to a regular hospital you'll have to explain your medical history and its twelve years of we don't know what the fuck. Might as well call in someone who gets it."
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"We'll see when we get there."
It's mostly a quiet drive back, but after a while, Claudia says, "That was actually kinda fun. Other than you getting punched in the face for no apparent reason."
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"Easier than I thought it would be. I mean, it helps that she didn't protest losing the necklace, but still."
Claudia shrugs. "We can probably save your shirt. You do live with a bunch of experts in getting blood out of clothing, you know."
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"Yeah, at least you won't have to replace your entire wardrobe at once again."

After a while, she adds, "Thanks."
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"And believe in me when my dear friend Crippling Self-Doubt crashed the party."
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Claudia sighs. "I'm better at knowing I'm awesome when it comes to certain things. Techy things, mostly. Warehouse things, usually. Shoving a badge in someone's face and asking to confiscate their family heirloom? Not quite, yet."
Give it time and it'll get there, though. Well before she's comfortable playing music for an audience.
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Up goes an eyebrow. "So are you. I at least know I'm awesome at something."
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"And you're not? I'd be freaking out a lot more if I was facing this prospect all by myself."
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"Not my point and you know it."

Eventually, she pulls into the B&B (everyone's going to know she drove back from the parking job alone). "How's your nose?"
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"Well, it's not bleeding anymore, at least. Shall we head in?"
She's taking the lack of blood as a sign she doesn't have to call Dr. Vanessa.